Digital Panoramic X-Ray Room

  • All opertories have the latest equipment to meet your dental needs
  • A recovery room to relax with amenities after an involved procedure
  • Consultation room to have private conversations about treatment plans and financials
  • Digital X-rays to minimize radiation for your safety
  • Up-to-date sterilization equipment and a laboratory area

Modern Operatories

All operatories have the latest equipment and digital technology to make a more pleasant visit to the office. One opertory is designed as a surgical suite for more involved procedures which allow for patients to have more procedures done in house. All opertories have their own TV where patients can choose what they watch. Pillows and blankets are offered for difficult and long procedures. Noise-cancelling headsets may be offered or patients can bring their own.

Digital charting and imaging, intraoral camera, and dental education projection capabilities allow the patient to be involved in the process every step of the way while the doctor educates the patient on oral care.