Dear Dental Guests and Friends:

Thank you for visiting our website and have interest in the services we offer. Originally from California, I graduated with B.S. in Biology and B.S. in Business Administration: Finance, Real Estate, and Law. After training as an Emergency Medical Technician, I worked as a teacher for various grade levels. I then obtained my doctorate degree (DMD) from Harvard School of Dental Medicine, (Boston, MA) which is closely affiliated with Harvard Medical School. After dental school, I completed my residency training in advanced general dentistry at The University of Texas in Houston. My research areas included productivity measures of non-profit entity, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), and women’s health during pregnancy. I have been practicing in Chicagoland since 2004.


I believe that patients should be treated more like “dental guests” deserving a high level of clinical care, customer service, and client satisfaction. Dental guests should have a comfortable, pleasant, and friendly experience during their dental visit and I am committed to providing the most personalized care for my patients. I understand that many patients avoid the dentist. Therefore, we want you to experience the comforts of the dental office more than the clinical aspects of the dental visit. Please feel free to speak to me or our staff regarding any aspect of your treatment or visit. We are here to serve you!