Our staff is committed to providing a friendly and comfortable environment for all our patients while offering a high level of care to meet their dental needs. Our staff is well-trained in their duties and continue to pursue continuing education to further their understanding of dentistry and improve their skills. All staff members are cross-trained in multiple duties and can provide various levels of service in each task. We have a diverse staff at Smile Creations Dental and we are like a small family where everyone works well together while respecting each other’s differences. We nurture the culture of cooperation and professionalism while encouraging open ideas and respect in a dynamic work environment.

Casey, M.S.
Casey, M.S.Director of Operations
Casey received her Bachelor’s of Science from Iowa State University and her Master’s of Science specializing in Administration from Erikson Institute in Chicago. She has worked in the administration field since 2001. At Smile Creations Dental, Casey is responsible for the overall management of the practice. She also works full-time as Director of Programs for a non-profit organization involved in national, state, and local affairs. In her free time, Casey loves to play with her kids, enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, reading novels, and playing with her cat. She is originally from Iowa but has lived in the Chicagoland area since 2001.
Coreen, B.S.
Coreen, B.S.Dental Assistant/Front Desk
Coreen attended Eastern Illinois University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management in 2005. Prior to Smile Creations Dental, Coreen worked in event planning for four years after college before deciding to go back to school to become a dental hygienist. She is responsible for many clinical and operational aspects of the dental office including patient care. Coreen is now attending Harper College and loves working at Smile Creations Dental. She is a pet lover and has a dog named Ke$ha.
ElizabethDental Asssitant/Front Desk
Liz is a US Army reservist who we trained as a dental assistant. She works diligently as a dental assistant while maintaining a demanding schedule of Army duties and going to school for dental hygiene. She works extremely well with multiple duties in the office and can multitask very effectively. She is also very adept at listening to your concerns and making sure they are addressed timely and appropriately. She was briefly deployed to Korea and participated in bilateral military training in Ecuador while continuing to train with specific skills in the Army. She is now in the process of completing her schooling to become a dental hygienist while still being employed by the Army.
JessicaFront Desk
Jessica has a very accomplished life as a young person. She obtained her degree in Applied Science with focus on Medical Assisting. She is still pursuing higher degrees including a combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Health Management while being quite involved in various philanthropic and community activities in various counties. She is involved in helping educate teenagers and young adults about being responsible in their youth and has performed as a speaker in various forums. She speaks fluent Spanish. She was also featured as an exemplary person in the Chicago Tribune.
DaphneDental Assistant/Front Desk
Daphne is a Certified Nursing Assisant (CNA) and have joined us to explore her possibilities in the dental field. She has extensive experience in the medical setting including in the hospital and care facilities. She now enjoys dentistry and is crossed-trained both in clinical and administrative skills. She is continuing her education to become a dental hygienist but plans to work more as an assistant before taking more advanced hygiene courses. She loves nature, family, and social events.
GraceDental Assistant
Grace is a Certified Nursing Assisant (CNA) and have joined us to explore her possibilities in the dental field. She has extensive experience in the medical setting including in the hospital and care facilities. Despite having earned a medical certificate, she has always wanted to become a dental hygienist and working for our office makes it a great stepping stone for her. She loves social events, school, and reading.
ExternsAffiliation with various Dental Assisting colleges
Through our partnerships with various colleges, we welcome externs to our office in order to fulfill their requirements for dental assisting certification. They work alongside our staff and learn many aspects of dental assisting. Externs need to earn at least 160 hours of clinical training to be certified in their field. Our externs learn the various procedures in dentistry that would help them become competent assistants wherever they decide to be employed. Several students have already successfully finished their programs through our office.